Bazaarly Big and Beautiful #4

Bazaarly Big and Beautiful #4 lap quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2017. For sale at

In preparation for my 9-day craft tour of Bali, I saw many pictures of colorful batik markets. The batik markets of Bali inspired this series of quilts. I wanted to randomly mix different prints to get a bazaar effect. Since I was experimenting and many of the fabrics had a large scale, I decided to make the blocks big. That’s how this series of quilts got its name.

Bazaarly Big and Beautiful #4 is a lap quilt that measures approximately 52×70 inches. It is comprised of 12 random 18 inch blocks in a mix of African and domestic prints. It is pieced on my machine and quilted on a long arm.

Back of Bazaarly Beautiul #4

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