My Happy Place Just Got Happier


New kitchen in my studio

I renovated my attic in 2011 and turned it into my quilt studio. But like many of us when we take on big projects, we never quite finish. That’s what happened to me. Although my plans called for a small kitchenette, I never finished it. Now I have and I love it!

The beginning of a kitchen

The all important sink

Working from the original plans, I was able to go to IKEA and order all the necessary parts with a few substitutions. Their kitchen installers installed it the day after Christmas. All that was left for me to do was to hire a plumber to connect the water.

Then like every crafter in the universe, with new storage space, I spent days organizing my studio. It was a labor of love.

Studio Organization
Canisters of thread

Over the years I have spent many joyful hours quilting in my happy place. Now my happy place just got happier.

Wine and coffee always present

Happy Birthday to me! Happy New Year to you! #ovsjoyousjanuary

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