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“Winter Blues” Finds a New Home

Winter Blues, 37 x 44 inches, by O.V. Brantley, 2009. SOLD!

My quilt Winter Blues has been sold and shipped to her new owner in New Jersey,.

I don’t make a lot of blue quilts, so Winter Blues was always special to me. I loved this quilt, but I know she is gone to a good home.


A Legacy to Love

A Legacy to Love, 66×82 inch red and white quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2015.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So many things to love — my history, my family, my friends, my mentees, my quilts, my sorority, my quilt collectors, my life,  ME!


Lovett Lady Lions are Region Champs!

India’s Basketball Star, 59×59 inches by O.V. Brantley, 2010.

Congratulations to the Lovett Lady Lions basketball team for winning the Region 5 Championship!

I have a long history with the Lovett Lady Lions because daughter India played on the team throughout junior high and high school. At the end of the season of her senior year, I gave each of the 4 seniors a personalized version of the quilt shown above.

India ready for basketball (2009)

Since then my connection to the team has become stronger. India is now an assistant coach for the team! Life truly is a circle.


Coach India with the 2017-18 Lovett Lady Lions

India reminded me recently that I never missed one of her games, (although I was infamous for quilting during the games LOL).  I did not know that was important to her until now. It’s a good lesson for us highly driven successful people! You can’t get the years and the experiences back once they are gone.

Coach India (2018)

Good luck in the State tournament Lady Lions! You make us proud! #ovsfulfilledlfebruary

2017-18 Lovett Lady Lions. Region 5 Champions

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning, 72×82 inch Japanese taupe quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2016.

A time for quiet reflection.

Most people make the Blooming Nine Patch pattern in bright flowery colors. I chose to do mine in taupe, and Sunday Morning was born. I think of it as my meditation quilt. It draws you in if you take some quiet time to look.

I hope you are having a peaceful, reflective Sunday.


Super Bowl Sunday is a Good Day to Curl Up With Book

A Good Day to Curl Up With a Book, 54×72 inch lap quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2017. For sale at

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. It’s raining in Atlanta. I love football. The game doesn’t start until 6:30 p.m.. That means it’s A Good Day to Curl Up With a Book.

What are you reading?

#ovsfulfilledfebruary #alifeofsimpleabundance

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Winter is a Great Time for Travel Dreaming

Back to Bali top

Winter just makes you want to escape. In Atlanta we have had a rough winter by our standards, but the silver lining for winter is that it gives you time to travel dream and to travel remember.

Last weekend, cold rainy weather inspired me to create my Bali memory quilt. Daughter India and I spent 9 wonderful days in Bali with Craftours.

Being kissed by an elephant in Bali

The highlight of the trip to me was being kissed by an elephant. So the quilt began with an elephant. This elephant has his trunk down, so I imagine he misses me and can’t wait for my return. That is why I named the quilt Back to Bali.  

We love elephants!

Another big highlight of the trip was batik school and shopping at a batik factory. The quilt includes the pink batik fabric I actually dyed myself under the hot Bali sun and the red batik in the border that I purchased at the batik factory.

Stamping fabric at the Bali batik factory

We will never forget our wonderful accommodations in Ubud. The hotel gave us an original batik fabric square, so that is also included in the quilt.

Komaneka Rasa Hotel

We have many more memories that are not in this quilt yet, but perhaps when I embellish it, I can find a way to include, wooden masks, monkeys, cooking and lots of flowers.

Happy Me in Bali

Winter truly is a time for travel remembering — and for dreaming about the next trip. #ovsfulfilledfebruary #Bali

Morning Coffee on My Patio


Morning Coffee on My Patio. 42x52inch art quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2018. For sale at

We are blessed with wonderful weather in Atlanta so we tend to spend quite a bit of time outdoors. My favorite time to be outdoors is in the morning before it gets too hot. I have spent many wonderful hours on my patio with only the birds, squirrels and trees for company. Such a morning inspired this quilt.

Morning Coffee On My Patio is a quilted wallhanging with a coffee theme. Coffee cups and words are appliquéd on the front of the quilt. The same coffee fabric is on the back of the quilt. However the vibrant African prints take center stage in the quilt, which measures 42 x 52 inches. Painted buttons add texture to the quilt.

Closeup of “Morning Coffee on My Patio”

I pieced the quilt on my machine. It was quilted on a long arm in a pattern named coffee cup. The coffee cups are hard to see but they are there. There is a hanging sleeve on the back for easy display and a label that documents the quilt.

Back of “Morning Coffee on My Patio”

I love this quilt. I hope you will too. Itosoffered for sale in my studio store. #ovsjoyousjanuary

I Am Mad As Hell

“I Am Mad As Hell” 42×52 inch art quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2018. For sale at

While I try to be as joyful as possible, every now and then someone or something makes me mad as hell. I had such an occurrence in mind when I created my quilted wallhanging I Am Mad as Hell.

The creative spark for this quilt comes from the mask panel. He looks mad doesn’t he? From there the quilt evolved with African fabrics, batiks and domestic prints.

Mask closeup in “I am Mad as Hell”

I Am Mad As Hell measures 42 x52 inches. The dominant color is red. (Of course I was seeing red while I was mad). It is machine pieced and machine quilted on a long arm. The quilting pattern is named “Dragon’s Breath, and it is quilted in red thread.

Back of “I am Mad as Hell”

There is a hanging sleeve on the back of the quilt for easy display and a label that documents the quilt. The fabric on the back is a traditional black and white floral print.

This quilt is one-of-a-kind and os offered for sale in my studio store. I signed it on the front.

Although this quilt is an ode to imperfect days, I strive to have as many happy days as possible. I am sure I will be back to joy and gratitude tomorrow.  #ovsjoyousjanuary

Sofa is a Cozy Addition to My Studio


Sofa makes my studio cozy,

I call my studio Paradise. It is my happy place and I spend a lot time there. I try to make it inspiring and functional. (Note I love Christmas and angels). 🤩


One of the biggest mistakes quilters make is to not take frequent breaks. When you are tired, you make mistakes, and  I hate unsewing. UGH!

I have finally decided to correct that mistake in my studio by adding a sofa. Now when I need to take a break, I retreat to my sofa, and flip through a magazine with nice beverage. Problem solved!


In case you are in the market for a small sofa/loveseat, I bought this one from Wayfair at a great price. It was delivered to my door, easy to assemble and easy to get up 2 flights of stairs. #ovsjoyousjanuary