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Be Joyful

Be Joyful, 40×60 inch art quilt by O. V. Brantley, 2017. For sale at ovbrantleyquilts.com

Don’t you just love being around happy people? Their happiness is contagious.  I am sure no one is happy all the time, so that is why I have chosen to name a blue quilt Be Joyful. The trick to being joyful is to find something to be grateful for even when you are having the bluest day.

So I am happy to share my quilt Be Joyful. It is an art quilt that began with a Stephanie Brandenburg flower panel and ended with the words “joyful”. The negative blue space gives the quilt a modern feel, and the words (along with the small swarm of bees) makes the quilt inspirational. The African print border contributes to the distinctiveness of the piece and the crystals in the flowers make the quilt sparkle.

Be Joyful measures 40×60 inches. It is machine pieced, machine quilted and machine appliquéd. There is a hanging sleeve on the back for easy display and a label that documents the quilt. I signed it on the front in gold ink although it is hard to see it on the blue background. This quilt is one-of-a-kind.

On my worst day I think of blooming flowers, people I love, places I have seen and things I am grateful for. These thoughts always help me find my joy. If I forget, this quilt will remind me.

Closeup of “Be Joyful”
Closeup of “Be Joyful”

“African Migration” Celebrates Africa

African Migration, 40×47 inch quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2017. For sale at ovbrantleyquilts.com

My newest quilt which I named African Migration was finished just before Black History Month ended. It showcases an explosion of African prints, but it is the border that named the quilt. The animals looked like they were on the move to me.

African Migration measures 40×47 inches. It is machine pieced and machine quilted. There is a hanging sleeve on the back and a label that documents the quilt. I signed it on the front.

This quilt is one-of-kind.

Closeup of “African Migration”

Black History Month Has Been a Joyful Journey

Joyful Journey, 68×74 inch quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2014.

Black History Month has come to an end. I truly had a joyful time sharing my quilts and their stories with you.

Shown above is my quilt Joyful Journey. It is composed of many African fabrics collected over many years.

A Quilt Collector’s Personal Black History Exhibit

One collector’s Black History exhibit of my quilts

Each year on the second Saturday in November, my neighbor Connie and I host our Holiday Open House to show our newest jewelry and quilt creations. Although it gets bigger each year, some of our closest friends have been with us from the beginning.

I never really thought about how many quilts Sheila had purchased over the years until she created a Black History exhibit for her church! All of the quilts in the picture are my quilts except one!

First Lady, which she purchased in 2016 did not make it into the display shown here, but I understand it was featured in another part of the church.

I am honored beyond words.

Sheila with my quilt “First Lady” at my annual Holiday Open House




Date Night During Black History Month

African Merlot, 54×62 inch quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2014. For sale at ovbrantleyquilts.com

There are so many exciting activities during the month of February. Art galleries, museuns, concert venues and theaters are all highlighting the achievements of black Americans. Get out and do something fun!

Planning  a date night makes me think about my quilt African Merlot. Doesn’t it put you in the mood for a special night with that special person?

This quilt is offered for sale in my Studio Store.

“Strength and Grace” Captures the Essence of Black History Month

Strength and Grace, 36×36 inch quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2013.

My quilt Strength and Grace captures the essence of Black History Month. 

When I stumbled upon the photograph that is the inspiration for Strength and Grace, I fell in love with it. The regal tilt of her head as she picks cotton with a young baby on her back was mesmerizing. I stared and stared at her and wondered if I could be so strong, yet beautiful. I knew this picture had to be memorialized in a quilt. Unfortunately, I could find no photo credit for the picture.

The photo is printed on fabric and surrounded by gray and taupe muted borders that blend with and complete the photo. I lovingly stitched the quilt by hand then embellished it with buttons, charms, and found objects. Cotton fibers in her basket and in her hands add texture and dimension to the quilt. The quilt measures 36 x 36 inches.

There is a herd of elephants on the back of the quilt that continues the theme of the quilt . Elephants symbolize strength.

There is a hanging sleeve on the back and a label that documents the quilt. This quilt is one of a kind and offered for sale in my studio store.

Atlanta Falcons are Already Super Stars to the City Too Busy To Hate!

Jazzy Stars, 84 x 84 inches, by O.V. Brantley, 2010.

Win or lose today, the Atlanta Falcons are already super stars. They have set the city too busy to hate on fire! Loving every minute of it.

So today I am sharing my favorite star quilt.  I named it Jazzy Stars.


Celebrate Black History

From Africa to Atlanta By Way of Arkansas by O.V. Brantley

The older I get the more I feel like a walking, talking history book!

This is my personal memory quilt named From Africa to Atlanta By Way of Arkansas. Many clues to my life are sewn into this quilt.