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“Strength and Grace” Captures the Essence of Black History Month

Strength and Grace, 36×36 inch quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2013.

My quilt Strength and Grace captures the essence of Black History Month. 

When I stumbled upon the photograph that is the inspiration for Strength and Grace, I fell in love with it. The regal tilt of her head as she picks cotton with a young baby on her back was mesmerizing. I stared and stared at her and wondered if I could be so strong, yet beautiful. I knew this picture had to be memorialized in a quilt. Unfortunately, I could find no photo credit for the picture.

The photo is printed on fabric and surrounded by gray and taupe muted borders that blend with and complete the photo. I lovingly stitched the quilt by hand then embellished it with buttons, charms, and found objects. Cotton fibers in her basket and in her hands add texture and dimension to the quilt. The quilt measures 36 x 36 inches.

There is a herd of elephants on the back of the quilt that continues the theme of the quilt . Elephants symbolize strength.

There is a hanging sleeve on the back and a label that documents the quilt. This quilt is one of a kind and offered for sale in my studio store.