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Warm Quilt Wednesday – A Life of Simple Abundance

A Life of Simple Abundance, 70×86 inch quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2011.

WARM QUILT WEDNESDAY! Quilts featured on Wednesday are large enough to cuddle up under. No wallhangings on Wednesday.

Today’s warm quilt is A Life of Simple Abundance. This quilt informs my philosophy of life — calm, strong, grateful. It lives in my den to serve as a constant reminder to let these principles guide my life.


The fabric line is called “Serenity”. (I love taupe fabrics).  It features words such as “count your blessings”, “listen to the whispers of angel wings”,  and “life lived in moments”.

Back of “A Life of Simple Abundance”

The pattern is the very simple “Turning Twenty” pattern. Both the fabric and the pattern contribute to the theme of simple abundance.

Do you practice gratitude? Life is much more abundant when you do.

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning, 72×82 inch Japanese taupe quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2016.

Now that the Christmas quilts are put away, my quilt Sunday Morning is back in its place of honor on my sofa. Designed with soothing and subtle Japanese taupe fabrics using the Blooming Nine Patch pattern, this quilt reminds me to sit quietly and wait for the answer to come — to stop rushing, to listen to my heart, and only then to take action.

Are you listening to your heart?